Pros & Cons On Hiring Transfer Maids
Many Singapore residents just like in the rest of the world require employing a maid to help them with taking care of day to day chores. Maids are mostly employed to look after children while their parents are away at work or at school. Transfer maids are an ideal type of house helps since they are usually eager to find new places of work where their skills and services will be of use. While hiring these maids may seem to be very advantageous, it also has its fair share of setbacks and drawbacks.


Before considering the pros of hiring transfer maids, it is worth differentiating these types of maids from new maids. Transfer house helps are already in Singapore and working for maid agencies while new maids are fresh from overseas; never worked as maids in Singapore.

Most employers train transfer maids on basic skills such as handling common electrical appliances in the house, operating cleaning gadgets like washing machines, and understanding other common household items. Therefore, these maids are experienced and as such do not require any further training. Once you hire them, they get into the job immediately and do it professionally and appreciably. Apart from understanding how household tools and items are used and operated, the maids also have impeccable cooking skills. However, the training and experience that the Maid Service have may not be up to your standards since employers have their own expectations. There are maids who are less flexible especially those who are fresh from taking care of young children and the elderly. To avoid conflicts, the employer should have set expectations from maids before hiring any of them.

Transfer maids require very little supervision since most of them have mastered their daily routine. They know what they are supposed to do at a specific time, where they should do it and how it should be done. For instance, they know the normal school hours in Singapore. As such, they can easily be able to know the right time to take and pick children from school without getting late.


Transfer house helps are easier to communicate with than new maids. This is because transfer maids have spent a considerable amount of time in Singapore and thus understand the local language. Communication with the maids is very important particularly when giving instructions or directions.

Easy to assess their conduct
Before hiring any transfer maids, employers are able to interview and assess the conduct of the maids. Most of these maids are of likeable conduct and attributes but even so, there are some who are not committed to offering excellent and reliable services to their employers. Also, there are some who are not of good conduct and may not be a good role model to children. Maids with bad morals may be very detrimental to the well upbringing of children. By conducting live interviews, it becomes easy to know the conduct of a maid from how she responds to questions as well as how courteous she appears to be during the interview. Never for once should you hire any maid without interviewing her. She may have some character traits that you may find hard to accommodate. You can take notice of such traits from how she carries herself during the interview.

A wide range to choose from
Transfer maids are available in hundreds, thus making it easy for employers to choose the best maids; those that meet their expectations and suit their needs & preferences. The wide availability of these maids provides great freedom of choice as the employers settle on the most qualified maids according to the standards that the employers have set. A great majority of these maids are very professional and reliable in their work. As such, they are guaranteed to be of great service and equally reliable in handling household chores and other tasks they are required to do at home.

Cons of hiring transfer maids

As much as transfer maids are of great help at home, there also a few downsides of hiring these maids. These cons and disadvantages include:

Hard to empower
While the experience of these maids may seem to be a great addition, it may also be the source of their downfall. Experience implies more knowledge which consequently translates to high salaries and benefits. For some employers especially those in the middle class, hiring and maintaining the maids may be quite expensive for them. In addition to this, teaching them new skills may be take and time consuming as they are already used to doing things in a certain way and through a specific approach. Ideally, their flexibility in learning new skills may be quite limited.


Low enthusiasm
Transfer maids who have been in the profession may have near zero motivation to do household chores. Their enthusiasm cannot be compared to that of new and fresh maids who are eager to start the job. Lowly motivated maids are most likely not going to offer the same quality of services like they used to do while they were still young in the profession.

Change of environment may disorient them
When a maid who was working in a big home with a lot of luxuries in the city is transferred to a smaller home in a lesser developed town in any part of Singapore, they may feel disoriented and therefore lack quality in their service delivery. This is especially if the maid has worked in a home for years and has started settling her mind that the home is her second home away from home. This attachment to a previous place of work hinders the full efficiency of the maid while in a new place of work.

Generally, the choice of the best maid to hire depends on the preferences and interests of the employer. It is up to the employer to use the services of a transfer maid agency to find an efficient and reliable house help to help them take care of their families and daily chores while still attending to other important aspects of their lives. As an employer, some of the things you need to put to consideration include budget (how much can you afford to pay the maid), the amount and type of work that you want the maid to be doing , and the length of time you will require the services of the maid.